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Our Mission


We believe God has purpose for each one of us and for each day He gives us.

We believe God has given the church a specific mission to accomplish.

We believe God has given us all we need in directing this mission in the Bible.

We believe God has given us the opportunity to serve uniquely in the Catharine Valley.

-The Purpose of Pine Valley Baptist Church is to: Bring Glory to God 

Point to, Celebrate and Propagate God's Greatness in All Things

(Supreme Love for God Above All!)



-The Mission of Pine Valley Baptist is to:  Make More and Better Disciples

While this mission statement is an accurate reflection of the mission Jesus gave His followers in Matthew 28:18-20, another way to say this can be reflected in a view of Mission that focuses on Result versus Process.

Mission: Root Souls in the Joy of the Lord Jesus

Found – Seeking the Lost - All Called

Forgiven – Championing Salvation - Man's Greatest Need

Freed – Securing True Freedom in Christ - Free to Live Abundant Life

Fed – Growing in Love through Knowledge – Equip Equipping "Equippers"

"Fellowshipping" – Sharing Life Together – Investing in "One-Anothering"


(Passionate Love For Others Above Self!)

-The Values of the Pine Valley Baptist Church are: The Bible as the Sole Rule for Faith and Practice.                               

The Scriptures Regarded as Sufficient and Supreme in all Matters

In Direction, Correction, and Knowledge of God

The Centrality of True Worship of God

The Centrality of the Gospel of Repentance

The Supremacy of Love in all things. 1 Cor. 13:1-6

“You are mistaken for you know not the Scripture nor the Power of God – Matt. 22:29”



Every team has both a purpose and a mission which flows out of that purpose.  Before leaving this Earth, our Lord Jesus instructed His disciples to make disciples which was to be a part of God’s plan to glorify our Savior.  That last command formed the central mission of all disciples of Christ since.  Pine Valley Baptist Church is completely committed to this same mission of disciple making which starts with each individual member actively seeking to grow into more complete disciples or followers of Christ. These personal endeavors are coupled with each individual member seeking to help “build others up” and mutually support the disciple making process.  We then reach out individually as well as corporately to those who do not yet know this joy.

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